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After-sales service commitment:

Under the guarantee of ISO9001 international quality system, the company provides you with high quality products, thoughtful and satisfactory service. For this reason, our company sells all products


Post service makes the following commitments:

(A): After the equipment is in place, the company is responsible for free installation, commissioning and on-site training of your operators and maintenance personnel.

(B): The warranty period is one year and lifelong maintenance is implemented.

(C): After the expiry of the warranty period, the company will continue to provide after-sales service to customers. Parts that need to be supplied will only be charged a cost.

(D): In the process of using the equipment, if you request on-site service, the company will arrive at the on-site service within three days after receiving your telephone or fax (except for irresistible conditions).


Note: The above service commitments are only for domestic users and foreign users.