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Vertical Wet Tissue Automatic Packaging Machine

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Product description

This machine is suitable to be used in the filed of medicine,hygiene materials and cater trade etc.Such as medicine plaster, distinfectant cotton paper,disinfectant napkin paper, toilet tissue and fragant napkin paper etc. It incorpotates a cross deviation correction device with two degrees of freedom and an intelligent longitidinal photoelectric trademark positioning system.Continuous trade-mark mode and fixed trademark mode can be switched at will.It owns the functions of folding and cutting napkin paper in the chute, forming, dropping,cutting, printing and counting(with count preset)etc. The packed bags are four sides sealing, which are even and perfect.


Size of Wet Tissue

(L):80~220mm (W):70~200mm

Tissue Plying Mode

Maximum eight longitudinalplies four cross plies

Size of Bag

(L ):45~150mm (W):50~100mm

Production Capacity

50-90 Bags/min

Total Power

220V 50Hz 2.6kw



Overall Dimension

(L×W×H) 1000x 1500 x 2000mm

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