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Multifunctional Pillow-type Automatic Packing Machine

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This machine is specially developed and manufactured by our scientific research personnel for a second packing of al-plastic drug plate in the pharmaceutical industry, thus upgrading the damp proof performance of the packed al-plastic drug plate and keeping the drug away from light. This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to program operation of the whole machine and it is equipped with number printing lot No. of production, production Date and Term of Validity, etc. on the outer package during packing process.

This machine has been fitted with an automatic feeder which is suitable for AL-plastic tablet of various specifications.And an automatic edge-folder has been designed first of all,which can proceed edge-fold packing of materials with certain thickness.This machine has been issued a state patent.




Variable frequency speed regulation of main motor: The main motor adopts imported frequency Converter to regulate speed, thus making it be suitable for all kinds of packing materials.


Programmable control: It adopts PLC Programmable Controller to make running of the whole machine programmed.


Human-Computcr Intcrface: The information of the speed of machine, the set bag-length and the actual bag length and the packing output will be clearly displayed on the screen of the touch panel.


Automatic regulating of bag length: The alternation of the packing length can be directly set through the touch panel display. It is very convenient and quick with an automatic adjustment.


Two-way Compensating of Color Code Detection: It adopts import Photoelectric Detecting Sensor to detect the color code and can conduct automatic tracking through PLC computer program combined with two-ways compensating mechanism, thus making the color code detection quick and accurate.


Four-group Automatic Temperature Control: Every heating part adopts the temperature controller to automatically control temperature, thus improving the quality of sealing.


Adjustable bag-making machine: It is suitable fir various specification of packing material.


Automatic Edge Folding Device: It is used for packing of ALU-plastic capsule medicine plate in three to five plates overlapping packing and ultra thick articles for edge folding.


Production Capacity

30-100 Bags/min (Depending on packing materials)

Packing Size

L80-180mm,W30-180mm,H5-55mm (Designed accoding to users' requirements)

Rated Frequency


Rated Voltage


Total Power




Overall Dimension

(L×W×H) 3550×770×1600mm


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